The Annabelle doll is back with her reign of terror in the new trailer of Annabelle Comes Home. In the new film, the eponymous evil demon doll finds itself locked in a room full of evil artifacts, sealed behind a number of wards and holy protections. But is that enough to contain her?

The trailer picks off from the first The Conjuring movie when the Warrens offer Annabelle a new place in their occult museum.

And a teen babysitter who definitely hasn’t watched horror movies ventures into that one place she is supposed to stray from.

Touching a possessed object – strike 1…

…STOP! That’s strike 2…

…*sigh*, that’s strike 3.

And for the grand finale we have Annabelle sitting on a chair…

(This is also the point after which all hell breaks loose, literally.)

…and now she isn’t. This doll will be the death of us. 

And, of course, Annabelle is in the living room now. 

And in the back of a car… NOT ALONE! 

…hanging out with Ghost in the Shell‘s Batou cosplayer.

Clearly, the demon doll means business this time around and is NOT ‘playing’ around! 

With the classic ‘Annabelle’ scares and that question we DON’T want to answer at all! 

And here she is showing her true colours.

Obviously, she isn’t a fan of anything sacred! 

Annabelle also plays group leader to a bunch of spirits which the Warrens tried to contain in their museum. In one of the scenes in the trailer, you can see Lorrain Warren explain how the demon doll has become a beacon for all the other spirits – or are they demons? 

Gee, thanks babysitter.

Making her debut in The Conjuring which released back in 2013Annabelle has been a prominent ‘presence’ in the Conjuring-verse, even when she wasn’t actually present. 

She established herself as the nightmare-inducer-supreme in Annabelle: Creation when she possessed a young orphan girl. She then moved to haunt yet another unfortunate family in Annabelle, after she transferred her soul inside the doll that we know and fear today.

With this installment, we might see Annabelle come full circle and it’s not one we want to be a part of. But, damn, we can’t wait for it either! 

You can watch the trailer below.