If you’re one of the early-risers, you probably already know that Schitt’s Creek won big at this year’s Emmy Awards. 

The show won 9 Emmy’s (7 primetime awards), which is the most any comedy series has ever bagged in a year. 

One of the cast members to bring home the trophy, was Annie Murphy, who plays the role of Alexis Rose in the show.

She won the award – Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series, which is quite something, considering she had decided to quit acting a few years ago. 

In an earlier interview, Annie told about the rough phase of her life right before she bagged the role that changed her life. 

I hadn’t worked in two years. My apartment was just freshly burned down, and I had a very small number of dollars in the bank. I had just blown my very first screen test that I had ever been offered.

This made her think that maybe acting was not for her. 

So I decided that acting was not for me. And the day that I sort of screamed out into the universe that I was probably just going to go to secretarial school or something, the day after that, I got the audition for Schitt’s Creek.

She must have done something right because she got the part through a call which she says came very late. 

Thank you for coming out. We really love what you did…he didn’t speak. For 70 years, he didn’t speak. And then finally, as my trembling voice was like ‘thanks for the opportunity,’ he was like ‘oh just one quick question… how would you like to play my sister on the show?’ And that moment changed my whole life.

What an inspiration, right? These tweets prove that everybody thinks so.

It’s always the toughest before it gets easy.