Friendship is one of the  most precious things in life. The wonderful memories we share with our friends is what makes them so special.  And then again, we all have these annoying friends who really know how to get on our nerves.  Though we love them and care for them, we sometimes wonder why we’re still friends with them!

We present to you different species of annoying friends we have, who aren’t aware of the fact that that they are irksome.

1. The one who acts like your mother

“Yaar tujhe beer nahi peeni chahiye.”

Sorry to disappoint you, I already have a mother.

2. The one who checks your cell phone

“Pinki ka message aaya tha. Woh gussa thi. Don’t worry, maine reply kar diya”

Darling I love you, but I love my privacy more.

3. The one who always cribs

“Yaar movie achhi nahi thi. Maine bola tha par tum suntey hi nahi ho… tum kabhi nahi sunte.”

They are so annoying that you have to constantly remind yourself about the friendship, in order to prevent yourself from killing them.

4. The moody one

“Guys, let’s partyyy! I’m not going. Leave me alone”

Argh! They are the most difficult ones to handle. They often come without ‘spoiler alerts’.

5. The one who never takes a bath

“Zyaada din nahi  hue. Bas ek week se nahi nahaya.  Deo hai kya?”

Dude, I love you but if I’ll stand close to you for another five minutes, I’ll probably faint.

6. The one who always acts like a kid

“Mekko ice cream khaana hai. Chocolate waali.” *fake baby face*

Really? What’s next? Diaper pehna doon tum ko? I don’t remember signing a bond.

7. The one who has to talk about his/her Ex. Always.

“I was so nice to her. And you know what she did to me?”

Please stop talking about your ‘not-so-interesting-ex. You broke up, move on.

8. The one who tags you on random photos

A tacky rose wala Valentines Day photo, some abstract art piece, a random cat picture (I don’t even like cats)…. We always have that one friend who is a spam King/Queen. Why you take advantage of my frandship yo?

9. The one who borrows and forget

“Babe, I desperately need to borrow your heels!” A week later: “What heels?”

They always remember to take something from you but act all ‘Ghajni’ when it’s time to return the stuff. You! It’s because of a friend like you, I have lost my faith in the concept of ‘sharing’.

10. The one who never pays

“Bhai, aaj paise tu de de na. I’ll pay you back.”


11. The one who always bums a cigarette from you

“Bro, you’re like the coolest person I’ve ever met. Got a light on you?”

They act all friendly and sweet whenever they need a cigarette. Else, “who are you?”

12. The one who leaks out secrets

“Pata hai kya hua….”

These friends just can’t keep a secret. They have to spurt out whatever they’ve heard or seen. It gets so embarrassing sometimes.

13. The one who’s always late

“Yaar bas 5 minutes.”

First they come late and then they have to lie. Okay! time to face the truth. I am your friend, not a MORON.

14. The one who gets emotional easily

“Tumney mere bina group study kar li? I’m hurt.”

They always take petty issues and create a scene. We love your emotional side but, honestly, it’s hard to handle you sometime.

15. The one who has a degree in sarcasm

“I don’t hate you. It’s just that I’m not fond of you.”

They come up with sarcasm anytime and we might aren’t even aware of it. Thank you for making fun of me.

Hey Friend! No matter what, I still love you.