There are people who haven’t touched an alcoholic drink. EVER. And then, there are people who love their drink so much, they just can’t accept the fact that non-drinkers exist.

Here are 13 super annoying stuff that we are sure you’ve either said to someone or someone has said to you.

1. “Mazaak karra hai yaar tu?”

2. “Aaj toh peeley, bannti hai.”

3. “Peeley yaar, ek se kuch nahi hota.”

4. “Drink Breezer, man. It is as soft as Coke.”

5. “Is this by choice or do you not drink because your mother doesn’t like it?”

6. “Why are you being such a high-headed jerk?”

7. “Teri girlfriend bhi pee rahi hai. Ab toh peena hi padega!”

8. “Ab bhi bachcha hai kya?”

9. “Abbey tu zinda kisspe rahta hai?”

10. “Peeley, yeh toh medicine hai.”

11. “Bhai, tu dhoodh hi pee.”

12. “Radhaswami hai kya?”

13. “Don’t you know that heavy drinkers outlive non-drinkers?”

Let’s drink to that then, shall we? I meant water.