Scott Lang, better known as Ant-Man, finally explains why he didn’t kill Thanos by just crawling up his butt in a new Marvel short film on Disney’s latest cruise ship. Since the release of Avengers: Endgame two years ago, fans have been clamouring for the character to respond to this.


A Marvel-themed interactive dining experience called Avenger: Quantum Encounter is offered on the Disney Wish cruise line. Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man and Evangeline Lilly’s The Wasp serve as the attraction’s hosts in an introduction video. Rudd responds to the question in character, and we eventually get the response: 

Look, before we start, let me address the elephant in the room. I’ve heard a lot of chatter out there asking why I didn’t shrink down, go in, and uh… kill Thanos in a really creative way. First of all, gross. Secondly, it’s much more complicated than that. Allow me to explain…

Right before Rudd has a chance to finish explaining why he won’t move up Thanos’ ass, Lily moves the conversation ahead by stating that they don’t have enough time for that. Damn Lily, he was this close!

Twitter is glad is because THEY KNOW. 

But hey, Disney acknowledged the long-standing joke, and Thanos is officially no more, so Ant-Man doesn’t have to deal with the pressure. Isn’t it liberating to know that there was a reason Ant-Man couldn’t simply kill Thanos? It’s gonna be a peaceful sleep tonight.


Also, gross.