Most of us love watching horror films that can give us the creeps. And, since we all are sitting at home, here’s a recommendation for you. 

There’s a new horror film doing rounds on the internet that is allegedly cursed and therefore, even dangerous to watch. 

The film is called ‘Antrum‘ and it released in 2018 but, it has recently gained popularity and has become the talk of the town amongst TikTok users and even Reddit users.

But, before we get into more details, let me just give you a gist of the film and why it is known to be ‘cursed’. 

Antrum is also popularly known as ‘Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made.’ This horror flick, directed by David Amito and Michael Laicini, is made in a form of a mockumentary and a feature film. 

Basically, this film tells you the story of Antrum, a movie that was originally released in the late 70s. And, apparently, anyone who watched the film mysteriously died after viewing it.

The story of the film revolves around a young boy and girl who go into a forest to save the soul of their deceased pet. They find a spot known as the Antrum (where the devil landed after being cast out of heaven) and that’s where the siblings start digging a hole to ‘hell’.

If some reports are to be believed, the original film is responsible for nearly 60 deaths. The footage of this film was rumored to have been lost but its latest 2018 version was made after a copy of the film was found. 

Even the trailer of the film opens with a series of messages that shoudn’t be taken lightly. 

Message 1.

Message 2. 

And, message 3. 

Here is a screenshot of the ‘Warning’ the makers of the film put out for the viewers before the film starts. 

So, this is as real as it gets. As mentioned above, in the past, there were also some horrific incidents that took place where this film was screened so, lets talk a bit about that. 

In 1988, the first tragedy the film caused was in Budapest when a movie theater building caught fire. At least 56 people lost their lives that day. 

But, the most astonishing part about all this was the fact that the reel of the film was not damaged at all.

However, even before the movie theater tragedy took place, this film was sent to several film festivals in 1983. 

But after receiving Antrum, festival programmers started dying mysteriously. Of course, there is no explanation for their death but many believe it to be the work of the devil himself.

As the film gained popularity, in 1993 a theater decided they would screen the film but, as the film progressed people started growing anxious.

Many tried exiting the movie theater but, they discovered all the doors were locked and there was no escape. And, this ultimately led to a stampede which resulted in the deaths of several people. 

Phew! While there are some people who found the film to be scary, there were others who said it’s all hyped up and there’s no real risk to watching it. 

Now, it’s up to you to decide. Will you watch the film or skip it?

You can watch it here