From climate and wildlife to governments and technology, a lot has changed over the past decades. And while there’s an entire generation gap between the 90s kids and today’s, there’s one thing that binds eveyone together and the trends suggest that it will continue to do so – Sooryavansham.

Because Set Max or what we now know as Sony Max (woh bhi change ho gaya) won’t stop showing Sooryavansham.

Recently Sony Max posted an advertisement on Twitter asking its viewers to watch Sooryavansham to know Kya Heera apne pita ‘Thakur Bhanu Pratap Singh’ ka dil jeet payega?

A lot of people responded to the tweet. None of them answered Sony Max’s question, they made fun.

One among them was Anupam Kher.

Back in 1999, he might have been one of the actors in the movie, but today he spoke for all of us.

By the way, have you watched it?