If you love your K-Dramas, then chances are you’re currently binge-watching Netflix’s Squid Game. And if that is the case, you couldn’t have possibly missed Anupam Tripathi AKA player No.199, Abdul Ali. 

Anupam Tripathi is one of the few South Asian actors to be working in the Korean entertainment Industry and boy is he killing it. The actor has been receiving a lot of praise for his performance.

The actor has worked in a couple of Korean films and shows. He began with the film Ode To My Father in 2014. Then went on to do Luck-Key in 2016, and Space Sweepers in 2021. 

Tripathi hails from New Delhi and went on to pursue a scholarship program at Korea National University of Arts in 2010. And from that point onwards, he’s worked on more than 10 projects. And over the years, the actor has really built a space for himself in the Korean film industry. 

In Squid Game, he plays the role of Abdul Ali, a Pakistani foreign worker in Korea, who is forced to enter the brutal, life-threatening game in order to gain financial freedom. The performance is being greatly applauded, so much so, the internet is abuzz with compliments. 

Have you watched the show yet?