Yesterday renowned film critic Anupama Chopra put out an alarming Tweet about the dark reality of Bollywood publicity. A PR executive from a reputed firm approached her for positive reviews of their movie in exchange for payment. 

Check out the Tweet here:

It’s no secret that big, powerful teams behind commercial Bollywood flicks only view them as a money-making venture and not as the craft filmmaking was intended to be. To try to rig the process by offering a bribe is not only disrespectful to the art but also outright unethical. But do powerful B-town henchmen give a rat’s ass about skill and talent? Nope, they just want to make their big bills and call it a day.

Many people called out the unprincipled code of conduct:

Sadly, while this is highly disappointing behaviour, it surprises absolutely no one. Paid reviews are an age-old practice in Bollywood and we can only hope critics like Chopra continue to call out the malpractice and not give in.