Anupama Chopra is thrilled to report that Captain America: Civil War marks a renewal of faith. The film is too busy and too long. There are so many super-heroes in the mix that you might have trouble keeping track of who is siding with whom. But directors Anthony and Joe Russo still manage to keep it light. You stay hooked and you come out satisfied.

When big burly men and one woman dispatch villains, buildings get destroyed and, surprise, surprise, people die. The Avengers might have saved the world, but they’ve killed so many people that the United Nations wants the super-heroes to sign an accord that requires them to take permission before they take off on their missions. Iron Man believes this is necessary, but Captain America refuses to sign. It’s complicated.

The writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, construct strong arguments for both Iron Man and Captain America so that it isn’t a comforting question of good versus evil. It’s thorny and complex and resolutely grey. Even the villain’s motivations are more humane. He isn’t interested in conquering the world. Thank god.

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