Anupama Chopra calls Dishoom  slick, seductive, disposable entertainment. She says the film is a silly but fun reworking of the time-tested buddy cop formula. 

According to her, the rules of the buddy cop film dictate that two absolutely different personalities are forced to partner together to solve a crime.

“The first half of the film is both gripping and comical. Hussain Dalal’s dialogues are cheesy but entertaining. But the writing gets inexcusably lazy in the second half. The sloppiest element in Dishoom is the script. Instead of a well-crafted plot, Rohit throws Ayananka Bose’s sexy visuals at us”, says Chopra in her review. 

b’Source: Screengrab’


For her, Varun’s energy is infectious and winning. And the icing on the cake is laugh-out-loud cameo by Akshay Kumar in a manbun.

She rated it with three stars.

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