Vikram Bhatt-directed Love Games, according to Anupama Chopra, is so awful that within the first 15 minutes, you start to feel embarrassed for the actors on screen. 

Doesn’t matter that the film aspires to be dirty and dangerous. 

The film opens with a voice over – roses are red, violets are blue, sex can be messy but love can be too. “Making films can be messy too,” says Chopra in her review for Film Companion. 

b’A shot from the film | YouTube’

Sharing the plot, Chopra says the film is about characters who are living life in the fast lane, they snort cocaine, have many sexual partners and party all night, but are very bored. And to alleviate boredom, they start to play Love Games – which is all about going to parties and attempting to seduce people. Whoever scores first is the winner. 

“To twist this more writer-director Vikram Bhatt throws in love, blackmail and of course murder.”

 “Have I just made this film sound somewhat intriguing? It’s not. In fact, it’s excruciating,” clarifies Chopra. 

About the actors, Chopra says Gaurav Arora and Tara Alisha Berry – both newbies – attempt valiantly to make an impression but lose their dignity to a purposefully inane script. As for Patralekha Chatterjee of City Lights fame, Chopra says she was decent in her debut but in Love Games, while trying an image makeover as a wild and wicked sexual predator, she only ends up giving us moments of unintentional comedy. 

Chopra has rated the film half star. 

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