One of the few shows on Indian television that have won the audience amid all the dramatic and problematic content is Anupamaa.

It’s like a breath of fresh air for several reasons, one among them being the protagonist of the show, Rupali Ganguly.

We know her as Dr. Simran Chopra from Sanjivani and Monisha Sarabhai from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. The versatile actor has been a part of several successful shows in the past and she returned to the small screen after a gap of 7 years this time through Anupamaa.

Rupali took the break to be with her child when she became a mother. When producer and actor Rajan Shahi approached her with the title role in Anupamaa, she felt like taking it up.

The actor in me got greedy. What further piqued my interest was the fact that the concept of the show was in the zone of my father’s (Anil Ganguly) films, like Kora Kagaz, Humkadam, and Tapasya. The women in these films were strong and empowered, just like Anupamaa.

Her husband also supported her interest. He took a break from his work to look after their child so that she could return to work.

In an interview with TOI, the actor talked about the challenge of making a comeback in the TV industry at 44 where only younger talent is appreciated.

To be 40 plus and not have a 26-inch waist when you’re playing the lead can be challenging at times. I always wondered if it would work. You can’t predict the fate of a show. I still can’t believe it’s happening to me and hope the bubble doesn’t burst.

In the same interview, Rupali spoke about getting recognition that she had always craved through Anupamaa.

The show Anupamaa grabbed the top spot on the TRP list, this year too. This speaks volumes about Rupali’s success and finally getting her due on the small screen.