Guess a daily soap with sassy comebacks, redefining the idea of womanhood where ‘boomers’ casually shatter stereotypes, YET end up being called ‘sanskaari’? Yes, as you guessed it’s none other than Star Plus’ #1 prime time show Anupamaa!


Anupamaa might not be perfect but it has got many things about the Indian households correct and has become the talk of the small-screen town.

From old age divorce to ex-couple decently living under the same roof with family, Anupamaa has focused on many aspects that the Indian society ‘chooses’ to be aloof from.

However this fresh angle in the serial has kept the viewers hooked lately. 

Gaurav Khanna, in the character of Anupamaa’s old school secret lover-cum-admirer, an NRI businessman Anuj aka Ghalib Kapadia has made a charming entry into the show AND Desi Twitter can’t keep calm (neither can we)

The possibility of a middle-aged maa-saas-bahu having a love interest plug on Indian TV isn’t making the audience uncomfortable instead having them hype her up, is the revolutionization of television we didn’t know we needed. 

If the comeback of an old love isn’t like this, I don’t want it!