There may be much to love about Diwali but there certainly isn’t much to like about the zillion Diwali advertisements on TV. Frankly, barring the product, they all are the same! 

Take a happily, overtly cheerful family that’ll almost always have two small kids. 

Then, make sure the kids are running around the well-decorated and nicely lit-up house as the parents show up, dressed to the dime, burning crackers. 

Also, there’s always a grandparent who will obviously shower the kids with lots of gifts. 

And the husband will obviously something special for his wife. All this with a soft, soothing background music. 

All this sounds familiar? That’s because that’s how every Diwali advertisement in India is shown! 

It was time someone pointed it out and we’re glad the one doing the deed is Netflix India. And they’ve got Anurag Kashyap to act in it too! 

Watch this hilariously spot-on ad here. Thankfully, you’ve never seen anything like this before!