Talk show hosts often tend to cross the line with their guests. It’s not surprising given the very nature of these shows is personal Q&A. However, every now and then, talk show hosts, or anchors or journalists, whatever you might wanna refer to them as, step on the wrong person’s foot. This listicle is about those times. 

1. American Senator Chris Christie was on Jimmy Fallon when the talk show host mocked his weight and his desire to eat ice cream.  

Christie then bowed to the audience before leaving. He eventually returned to the show to tell Fallon that if he ever retired from public office, the late-night show would need to hire a couple of writers just to replace the garbage they said about him. 

2. While promoting her movie Our Souls At Night at Megan Kelly’s show, actress Jane Fonda was asked by the anchor about some of the surgical work she might have had done. 

Now Fonda has openly spoken about having work done but she was quick to point out that there was a time and place for such discussions and a movie promotion interview didn’t fit that bill.

3. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut might not be the most loved by the progressive crowd in the country but her appearance on Koffee With Karan where she bashed Karan Johar over being the flagbearer of nepotism in the Hindi film industry turned her into an overnight liberal icon. 

The actress told Johar if a biopic was ever made, Johar would play the role of the movie mafia that was always snooty with outsiders of the industry.

4. The one time Akshay Kumar kinda did a good interview and turned the tables on Karan Johar by telling him it was because of the ridiculous controversial questions that he would not want to be on Koffee With Karan

It was pretty basic and catty as you would imagine the show to be, but boy, when Kumar chooses to say the truth, he does it very convincingly. The Indo-Canadian actor told Johar that nobody wants to get in front of 13 cameras and bad mouth their colleagues or hurt somebody’s films. 

5. When Karan Johar asked Katrina what was bothering her about the show, the actress told him that she didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings to which Johar asked if that was because it would hurt her. This is where Anushka Sharma jumped in with the perfect retort. 

You can watch the video here. But you will have to skip to 1:50. 

6. When Twinkle Khanna was asked by Johar to rate her favourite Khans, Aamir, Shah Rukh or Salman, she clapped back at him and said, add Fawad Khan to the list and you give the answer. 

Pardon the video. I didn’t make it. I didn’t edit it either. You don’t have to watch it past the 0:33 mark. 

7. Actor Ben Affleck was promoting Batman VS Superman on Bill Maher’s show when the host and fellow guest Sam Harris said that Islam was the most regressive religion. The Batman actor simply called them out on their racism and Islamophobia.

Affleck said that there were millions of Muslims in the world and if all they wanted to do was kill everyone, they would have. Affleck called out both Maher and Harris and said that Muslims, like people from every other faith were just regular people wanting to live their regular lives without having to deal with unwarranted prejudice. 

8. Jimmy Kimmel and Sofia Vergara were reading mean comments about each other on Kimmel’s show. While the Modern Family star was reading generic mean comments, Kimmel decide to up the ante by being a sexist pig. 

Kimmel said Vergara had a penis. So she slapped him and then told him that it was bigger than his. 

9. Piers Morgan is a dick. No judgement there. He just is. When British author and journalist Ash Sarkar was on his morning show talking about Trump’s visit to the England and his cruel immigration policies, Morgan kept bugging her about her ‘hero’ Obama. 

The unwarranted attack and the general whataboutery surging out of Morgan’s irredeemable visage, prompted Sarkar to call him an idiot. She then accuses him to strongarming his guests to make up for his own incompetance as a journalist. 

10. Ellen DeGeneres accused actress Dakota Johnson of not inviting her to her 30th birthday bash. The 50 Shades actress, of course, offered a kind rebuttal and called Ellen out. 

Johnson told Ellen that she didn’t know if Ellen even liked her and that she had indeed invited her to the party but the talk show host simply hadn’t bothered to show up. 

Honestly, why are talk shows? Except, Graham Norton, of course. That man is a gem and must be protected at all costs.