Talk about getting into the skin of the character. And that can sometime lead you through real crap, ‘Gobar’ to be precise. Sultan actress Anushka Sharma had to learn how to make cow dung cakes which is a common household fuel used in rural India. The production team of the film were unsure of how she may react to the situation but she surprised everyone by calmly dealing with it.

b’Anushka riding a tractor | Source: Twitterxc2xa0′

In the film, Anushka stars as an innocent village girl, Aarfa who on one hand manages her profession as a wrestler and on the other hand does her domicile duties too. Speaking about the character of Anushka said, “Her strength lies in her quiet but resolute ability to manage work at home, on a farm and still focus on wrestling. Every Indian home has a hero in the woman who keeps everything together, and ensures that the family is cared for. Through Aarfa, I hope to highlight their strength and contribution to society and family.”

b’Source: Anushka in Sultan | Source: Twitter’

On one hand the actress is managing the promotion of Sultan and on the other, she’s trying to complete the shooting for her second home production in Punjab by June. With a packed schedule on hand, she will be in Mumbai only for a couple of hours to attend the trailer launch of Sultan and then head back to the sets of Phillauri.

For now, we can’t wait to see the cow dung cakes being churned out by Anushka in Sultan.