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Dec 03, 2014 at 13:43

20 Photographs That Show Anushka Sharma Is Truly A Hatke Actress

by Osien Kuumar

Anushka Sharma is no regular in-her-twenties actress. Ever since her debut with King Khan she has gone on to portray quirky, confident characters and has proved to be one of the finest in her field. And guess what? She's a producer too!

Be it her experimental style or her personality, she truly is hatke! These 20 photographs prove exactly that!

1. Absolutely genuine!

Source | filmsplusmovies

2. Serene and smart!

Source | Hdwallpaperwale

3. The h atke smile!

Source | Tumblr

4. Putting on  a show!

Source |

5. Mellow in yellow.

Source | Ehiyo

6. A woman of radiance and colour!

Source| Hdwallpaperwale

7. Thinking out loud!

Source | Itimes

8.  Living in the moment.

Source | Apnatimes

9. Putting on a smile.

Source | Apnatimes

10. Effortlessly graceful.

Source | Apnatimes

11.  Exuding confidence!

Source | Apnatimes

12. Chirpy and cheerful!

Source | Apnatimes

13. Queen of hearts!

Source | Apnatimes

14. Breezy!

Source | Apnatimes

15. Pulling of the Indian grace!

Source | Pichost

16. Young, wild and free!

Source | Pichost

17.  A touch of class!

Source | Blogspot

18. The girl next door look!

Source | Filmibeat

19. What poise!

Source | Fullmasala

20. If looks could kill!

Source | Maxabout

She's young, talented and truly a woman of substance!

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