In the last three months, the rapid spread of coronavirus has left the world shaken. However, many people have been comparing our current state of events to a film that battled a similar virus, Contagion. In which a virus that is highly contagious causes worldwide panic. 

However, that is not the only film that got it right. Here is a list of films that predicted a pandemic:

1. 28 Days Later

Though based in a zombie apocalypse, this film is more about the panic of waking up in a world which has been completely wiped away by a pandemic. It captures the feeling of isolation quite accurately. 


2. 12 Monkeys

With an impressive cast including Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis, this film follows the story of a convict who volunteers to travel back in time. His aim? To prevent the beginning of an outbreak that will wipe out his world. 

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3. 93 Days 

This Nigerian drama thriller is based on the Ebola outbreak that infected 21 million people. It tells the story of all the people who risked their lives to contain the virus. 


4. Virus 

Set in the outbreak of the Nipah virus in Kerala that shook the nation, this Malayalam movie tells the story of a medical college that has to contain this outbreak.


5. It Comes at Night

Set in an apocalypse that has left the world in a state of panic, in this horror movie two families are forced to isolate together. However, there are secrets brewing that might put them in danger.  


6. Carriers 

A group of friends are on the run from a pandemic. But the movie takes an interesting turn when one of them is infected and they have a tough decision to make. 


7. Outbreak

This medical disaster film is based on the book The Hot Zone and is loosely based on the outbreak of Ebola. However, it follows a fictional outbreak in a small town in the United states that requires immediate action. 


8. Flu 

This South Korean film tells the rise of an outbreak that is caused by a deadly strain of H5N1 that kills its victims within 36 hours. Chaos ensues as Bundang in Seongnam, with a population of half a million people is exposed. 

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9. The Andromeda Strain

Based on a book by Michael Crichton of the same name, this thriller follows a team of scientists who investigate a deadly organism of extraterrestrial origin that could cause a pandemic. 

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10. Children Of Men

This film is set in a different pandemic of sorts where 18 years of infertility has left this world in chaos. However, there is a chance that human life could resurface again if it survives the current state of humanity. 


11. Blindness

This film follows the story of a wife who is forced to fake blindness in order to take care of her husband after a pandemic begins, making blindness contagious.


12. I Am Legend 

Will Smith plays a scientist who is the lone survivor of a plague in New York city. As he struggles to find his way back to humanity and his family, he must fight his loneliness to survive. 


13. Deranged (South Korean) 

The South Korean movie follows the outbreak of a mysterious infection that is causing people around the country to drown themselves. 


14. The Bay

This found footage horror film tells the story of a waterborne plague that takes control of its host’s body and mind. It is truly the scariest movie on this list. 

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15. The Last Days

In this Spanish movie, an unknown pandemic is causing an irrational fear of open spaces in people, which leads to death. As a man begins his search for his girlfriend, he must be sure to never step outside. 

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Which one will you be watching first?