AR Rahman, the man responsible for churning out several soul-soothing tracks, will forever be one of the most iconic composers. In a span of three long decades, he has blessed us with innumerable songs that still remain close to our hearts.

However, in this ‘remix’ era, some musicians didn’t spare his tracks and turned his soulful compositions into a concoction of strange raps and high-pitched beats.

And now, AR Rahman is throwing shade at these musiciansas he should.

A social media user posted a video, where the famous musician, Sting, was seen to be uncomfortable as he watched Jose Feliciano perform his iconic track, Every Breath You Take on stage at the Polar Music Prize Show in 2017.

AR Rahman reshared the tweet and wrote that he has been there, throwing shade at the composers who have butchered his timeless numbers.

While some fans instantly agreed with his statements, a bunch of others started listing down the name of the songs. Here, take a look.

We are loving his new expressive avatar!