The man needs no introduction. His music has been lauded all over the world and he still goes on melting our hearts a little, one track at a time. With a career spanning decades, Rahman continues to touch one milestone after the other. 

AR Rahman. 

As an ace music director, he might have given us some of the most beautiful tracks, but let’s not forget that he is also a gifted singer. Remember that goosebumps-inducing voice in Maa Tujhe Salam

He might not have sung many songs in Bollywood films but the ones that he has lent his voice for are unforgettable. Here are lyrics from some of these gems sung by AR Rahman. 

If you’re in the mood for a listen, just click here.  

Click here to listen to this evergreen song.  

A wonderful movie with so many great songs. Click here to listen.  

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 To relive the RDB feels, click here

When you’re heartbroken, dejected and in need of a song, click here to listen.  

 When you feel patriotic feels churning up inside you, click here for a listen. 

 To listen to one of Rahman’s best song ever, click here

 Listen when you’re in need of a soulful melody. 

When you’re in need of some divine interaction, listen to the song here

 For some playful banter, give a listen to Khalbali here

 If you’ve never heard this song, we suggest you give it a listen here

 To channel your patriotic feels, give it a listen here

 For some classic Rahman, listen to the song here

 To listen to Rahman’s enchanting words and voice, click here

 To listen to Rahman’s Pattaka Guddi, click here

 Give a listen to Khalifa here

Listen to one of Rahman’s soulful melodies here

Rahman is pure magic.

Design Credits: Aroop Mishra