When there was nothing nowhere, He was the one, the only one.

Jab kahin pe kuch nahi tha, nahi thaWohi tha, Wohi tha; Wohi tha, wahi tha.

These lines from AR Rahman’s Kun Faya Kun reflect upon spirituality and life as much as they reflect upon the music scene in our country. When there wasn’t anyone to spearhead soulful music in the country, Rahman came like a breath of fresh air. 

With his brand of music comes a soul that no one can duplicate. But that does not stop people from trying. Such is his magic. 

And students from Berklee School of Music seem to have aced their Rahman game. After Ye Joh Des Hai Tera and Jiya Jale, they tried their hands at Kun Faya Kun and well, honestly, did a pretty darn good job!

Listen to their soulful rendition here:

Source: Berklee College of Music

What’s surprising is that the mother tongue of most of them isn’t even Hindi! Kudos to the Berklee School Of Music!

And in case you feel like listening to the original rendition, here goes: