When Oscar-winning composer AR Rehman works on a project, you know the brainchild has a good chance of being something special.

On Monday, Rehman launched the teaser of his music Ginga from the film Pele: Birth of a Legend on his Facebook page and even though the video is just one minute and forty seconds long, it is able to bring the best out of the Brazilian culture. 

“Excited and happy to present the Music of Pelé,” Rehman wrote on his Facebook page.

“Doing music for a legend doesn’t happen everyday. We’re talking about Pele, who’s inspired many people… not only sportspeople… even individual human beings by the power of humanity. I have been doing many multi cultural projects for the past three years and going in to the Brazilian culture, exploring the traditions the melodies the rhythms of their lives was really a fun part,” said Rehman in the video.  

“Thank you so much A.R. Rahman for this amazing opportunity and experience. Thank you for bringing the best out of the Brazilian Culture on this sound track. Working with you is a blessing,” Anna Beatriz, the lyricist of the Ginga song wrote to Rahman in a  Facebook comment. 

 Watch the music launch right here: