A couple of days after Salman Khan’s insensitive statement on rape sparked a controversy, Salman’s big brother, Arbaaz has jumped to his rescue and tried to justify his brother’s actions. 

Arbaaz was quoted as saying that Salman doesn’t need to offer apology for his statement and reiterated that his intentions weren’t wrong.

As per a report in The Indian Express, Arbaaz justified his brother’s callous actions by saying:

“There are certain things which we say while talking and it is important to see the intention with which it was said. There is no doubt that whatever Salman said, the intention was not wrong. It was a comparison quite akin to someone saying there was a huge mountain on my shoulders or I worked like a donkey. Now, will the usage of the word ‘donkey’ make animal activists upset? Sometimes, certain things you say are out of context and the meaning which is not bad. But if you become over sensitive over it, then it will become a controversial issue. I am sure Salman must have realised the comparisons that he made was not maybe appropriate and for that if he feels the need to apologise, he will apologise or not apologise, it’s up to him. I don’t think it is fair if I say he has to apologise or not.”

Arbaaz trivialised the issue further by drawing parallels between the term ‘rape’ with ‘donkey’.

Talk about coming to your brother’s rescue and failing at it miserably. Perhaps Arbaaz should apologise for his apology now!