The following article contains spoilers for Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking, reader discretion is advised. 

With Netflix’s latest reality-cum-docu-series, Indian Matchmaking, people from across the world have gotten a sneak peek into the culture of arranged marriages in the 21st century and how the process unfolds. 

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As the Mumbai-based matchmaker, Sima Taparia guides her clients in the U.S, and in India, we get to witness the journey of milennials shortlisting and going out on dates with potential candidates arranged by matchmaker Sima.


Though there were some absurd matches, others seemed to have the potential to bloom into serious relationships. Wondering if the ‘suitable’ matches from the show are still together? We’ve got you covered:

Nadia Jagessar 

Nadia is an event-planner based out of New Jersey who has a troubled history taking her serious relationships to the next level because her family is from Guyana. With Sima’s help, she met the potential matches out of which she really seemed to hit it off with with a lawyer in Chicago, Shekar. 


But even though, Nadia and Shekar really seemed like an OTP on the show who might have had a happy ending, it looks like they are no longer talking. In fact, they’re not following each other on Instagram either. 

Being off-camera definitely changed the dynamic between myself and the matches that I had continued talking to, and obviously, the change was not positive. But it helped me learn more about myself and what I’m looking for in a future partner. 

-Nadia Jagessar To The Times

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Pradhyuman Maloo 

After rejecting various proposals, Pradhyuman, the jeweler from Mumbai finally found what he was looking for in the Delhi-based model-actress Rushali. Their date seemed quite romantic. However, the two are no longer seeing each other. According to LA Times, he is still looking for the ‘right one’. 

We had different paths in life and we respected that and moved ahead. I’m still looking for the right one.

-Pradhyuman Maloo

LA Times

Aparna Shewakramani 

This strong-headed, Houston based attorney had to go on a lot of bad dates when she finally seemed to hit it off with Jay from Atlanta, leaving the viewers wondering about their future. According to reports, Aparna mentioned: 

( The Cameras) surprisingly added more stress in wanting to make the match work, because it felt like so much more hinged on it. 
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However, Aparna clarified that she is not dating any of her onscreen pairings and even though they were great, they just weren’t the right match for her. Aparna and Jay do follow each other on Instagram and like each other’s posts.

Recently, Aparna seemed to have traveled to NYC and Jordan since the filming of the show but there’s no sign of her making a pit-stop at Atlanta.  

Vyasar Ganesan 

The college-counselor who won the internet’s heart with his down-to-Earth persona met a potential match Rashi and the two seemed to have bonded quite a lot on their second date. Vyasar and Rashi’s storyline, unfortunately, ended on a cliffhanger. 

However, Vyasar mentioned that he was still single. He further added:

But it’s no one’s fault. Matchmaking really is tough. Both people I was matched with were truly wonderful, inspiring individuals who I’m proud to call friends. Ultimately, things didn’t work out, but I’m grateful for the memories I have from working with Sima. 
LA Times

Akshay Jakhete 

Even though the series ended with Akshay finally choosing a match and indulging in the pre-engagement rituals for his wedding with Radhika from Udaipur, the two never formally got engaged or married after the cameras stopped rolling. They called off the wedding and are no longer together.


Ankita Bansal 

The Delhi-based woke entrepreneur who didn’t really connect with a match on the show decided to focus on herself and her career. She claims that her mindset about the preconceived notions on arranged marriages have changed after the show and believes that if you have a connection or chemistry with someone, it doesn’t matter how you meet. 



A single mother who is in search of love in Denver hires Sima to find her a suitable match who isn’t very traditional yet shares her faith in Sikhism. All Rupam is looking for in the show is a loving, head-strong man who will be ok with her being a divorcee and someone who pleases her traditional father. 


But instead of going for one of Sima’s picks, Rupam ended up matching with a guy on Bumble that ticked all the checks on her list. In fact, according to sources she even made it official on Instagram!


Basically, not even a single couple who was set up by Sima is together. Looks like their love-stories only lasted till the cameras were rolling. 

After the couples on  Love Is Blind gave us a ‘reality’ check about their relationship off-screen, it looks like Indian Matchmaking is giving it a tough competition. Scripted much?