One of the most known shows from the 90s was C.I.D. I mean we all remember Daya’s iconic busting-through-doors scenes right? Or the look that ACP Pradyuman had on his face, every time he was on the brink of figuring a case out? But do any of us know how the show actually came into existence.

Well, we happened to have stumbled upon this superb Twitter thread by India Wants To Know – Panel Quiz Show that gave away all the deets about the origin of the show. They usually post a bunch of facts about our fav. shows on their Twitter page.

Here is the original post. 

So, apparently, the creator of the show, BP Singh, had made a Marathi show by the name of Ek Ek Shunya that ran on DD and that later led to him becoming interested in forensics. In the 90s he finally pitched the idea for C.I.D to Sony, and in spite of the first few episodes being shot in 1992, the show aired in 1996.

Shivaji Satam AKA ACP Pradyuman was a central bank employee prior to acting full time. And, BP Singh and Shivaji were already great friends because they’d worked together in Ek Ek Shunya. One thing that all fans may already remember is that the role of Inspector Viren’s character was quite short-lived. 


As Ashutosh Gowariker, who was playing the role, had other commitments, and so had to exit the show. Kissa Faraar Mujrim Ka was his last appearance in the show. 

Twitter/ India Wants To Know – Panel Quiz Show

The other wild fact about the show is that Aditya Srivastava who played the role of Inspector Abhijeet had already appeared in one of the previous episodes as a runaway named Paresh! 

twitter/India Wants To Know – Panel Quiz Show

And, the show also has created a world record. The team once shot continuously for 111 minutes (one hour and 51 minutes). And that successfully landed them in the Limca book of world record as ‘TV show- longest continuous shot!’

And y’know how Daya was known for kicking doors open? And how ACP had that iconic line for him, “Daya darwaza tod do” Well, that certainly didn’t happen overnight. It took above fifty episodes for that to manifest! Cool right? The show definitely has a solid background story, if you want to know more, you can check out the tweet above for more info. 

Let us just end on this iconic dialogue- ‘दया कुछ तो गड़बड़ है’