Arijit Singh, known for his soul-soothing voice and down-to-earth nature, has been stealing hearts ever since he sang his first song in 2011.

While most famous musicians are often spotted in their luxurious cars, donning high-end clothes, this singer is ever so humble. And now, he’s again going viral for driving a scooter as he went out to shop groceries, back in his hometown.

Credit: Instagram

In the video, he could be seen moving toward the two-wheeler, along with a bag in his hand, as he exchanged words with his neighbors, back in his hometown, Murshidabad, West Bengal.

Credit: Instagram

Netizens, without a doubt, started praising the singer for his humbleness and simplicity.

Take a look here:

Credit: Instagram

You can check the video, shot and posted by Varinder Chawla, here:

Arijit Singh, tum hi ho, bas tum hi ho!