What if your favourite movies were books? Well, some of them were originally books. But I am talking about films that were purely the imagination of the scriptwriter. There were no adaptations. How would you like to have those made into books?

Well, too bad. I can’t actually do anything about that. But this artist, Matt Stevens, he has found a way to bring that imagination as close to life as it will ever be. 

1. I wonder just how ridiculous it would be to describe the action sequence in this book.  

2. I would read the shit out of this though. I mean, it’s Spike Lee, man!

3. Imagine the movie was never made and you read this book first. How mindfucked would you be feeling right now?

4. I have never read a Western before though!

5. Imagine your reaction to hearing ‘What’s in the box?’ for the very first time. 

6. If you think about it, a book about a dystopian society where one man has monopoly over water must have already been written somewhere by someone 

7. It’ll probably have all those cut scenes that Disney+ makes us pay for. 

8. This will still be the best thriller of the year. 

9. The movie is already based on a book. I think…

10. Damn! This cover’s goood. 

11. Again, we already have books about this.

12. You’re probably gonna need a degree in science to understand this shit anyway. 

13. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! Would have loved to have the dogs on the cover though. 

14. That cover itself should be the national flag of some country somewhere.

15. Okay, if you haven’t seen this Taika Waititi film, you need to watch it now. Right now. 

You can check out all thee covers on Matt’s Instagram page. He’s got some pretty cool stuff in there.