Actor Arunoday Singh has made us privy to his inner poet, and the emotions that he expresses through words often speak far louder than actions ever would. 

He performed a piece titled Loneliness, My Only Friend, as part of Kommune’s Spoken Fest 2017, and if you’ve struggled with loneliness and understand what it means to deal with it, Arunoday’s poem will speak directly to you.


For Arunoday, loneliness has been his life-long companion. 

And despite all the things he had ‘working well’ in life, loneliness was still a companion he couldn’t leave behind, even when in the company of friends and family.

However, it was only when he realized that he was not alone in his loneliness that his journey towards acceptance started. 

For him, loneliness became something to embrace, and understand, because it was the same ‘void’ that gave each and every one of us the motive and the courage to take a step forward, to search for happiness, to achieve peace. 

He ends the poem on a thoughtful note, with the realization, that we are not lonely by choice but rather ‘by design’. 

You can watch the complete piece here. 

 Design credits: Kumar Sonu