That’s Arya Stark for you, ladies and gentlemen.

“When people asked you what happened here, tell them the North remembers, tell them winter came for House Frey.”

Here are 18 times she proved that she’s made of fire, ice and everything not so ‘nice’.

1. She does things women aren’t ‘supposed’ to do and does them better than men.

2. She doesn’t act like a ‘lady’ just because everyone expects her to.

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3. She’s playful one moment.

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4. And fierce the very next. 


5. She does everything to protect her friends.

6. She puts her heart into things and doesn’t give up until she succeeds. 


7. She went through unexplainable personal losses. 

8. Only to emerge stronger than before. 


9. Arya knows how to show people their place.


10. And thinks she is a ‘king’.


11. Arya is smart (remember how she killed Waif?)

12. And befriends people you’d never expect anyone to. 

13. She drinks like a ‘woman’.

14. And kills like a queen.


15. Trust her to avenge the murders of her family members. 


16. Or any wrongdoing against them.

17. Arya is fierce, strong and embraces her vulnerability.


18. But most importantly, she is fearless and does whatever she wants.


She gives chills to my chills. Someone give her the throne, already.