We all know how unfortunate beauty standards can be. Especially because rather than freeing and empowering people, they can often act as restraints, labels or limitations. But at the same time, we are thankfully, in an age and time where more and more people are helping shatter these said standards. 

One of the beauty standards we are currently seeing a shift in is ageism. The bias that likes to tell people that their worth and beauty lies in the fleeting years of their youth. Ageism has been the most rampant in the film industry and it has weighed women down more than men, TBH. 

But a recent magazine cover that has featured the gorgeous and graceful 79-year-old Asha Parekh is definitely proving all stereotypes wrong. 


The actor has acted in more than 30 films and is an absolute embodiment of grace and elegance. Which is why seeing her on the digital cover of Harper’s Bazaar, rocking her beautiful greys in a black turtle neck is proud moment for us all. The cover is a message to everyone about how beauty has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with one’s character and persona. 

Here is how people responded to the digital cover: 

Redefining beauty by breaking stereotypes.