I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t like Lata Mangeshkar’s songs. The singing legend has a special place in probably all of India’s hearts. With Lata Mangeshkar admitted to ICU due to covid and pneumonia at the Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, everyone has been anxiously waiting for news about her health.


And among the many fans praying for the singer’s recovery, is auto-driver, Satyawan Geete. In fact, as per reports, he has decided to dedicate all his earnings to Mangeshkar’s treatment. He is such a huge fan of her songs that he has decorated his auto with big pictures of the singer and lyrics from her songs. 

India Today

He has also doodled get well soon messages on his auto for her, in Marathi. Isn’t that the cutest and the most heartwarming gesture, ever? Like a true, dedicated fan, he has been praying every day for her recovery since her hospitalisation. 

India Today

As per the latest reports, the singer has shown slight improvements. We pray for her speedy recovery.