If you managed to get tickets and have watched Avengers: Infinity War over the weekend, we would like to offer our help during your group therapy sessions. 

Note: Spoilers ahead. This article contains theories for the next movie, what did you expect?

Now, with a year of wait for Avengers 4,  all we have are theories about how Earth’s mightiest heroes will undo the Mad Titan’s genocide.

1. Ant-Man navigates through the quantum realm to rescue our heroes.

Ant-Man was nowhere to be seen during the events of Infinity War. The only thing we know is that both Scott Lang and Clint Barton took plea deals in order to be with their families. 


Lang’s definitely returning in the next film. We know that he can access the Quantum Realm, where the concepts of time and space do not exist. 


Now the Soul Stone allows you to control all souls, living or otherwise. When Thanos finally snaps his fingers and wipes out half the universe, we see him briefly in an orange world (known as the Soul World in the comics) where he is talking to a young Gamora. 

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There are certain theories which suggest that this world existed within the Soul Stone and the trillions wiped out of existence by its influence found their way in here. 

Ant-Man could very well navigate his way through the Quantum Realm into this plane of existence and find a way to return all the heroes back to life. 


Remember, Thanos never spoke about killing half the universe, he simply wanted to wipe them out of existence. So, for all we know, every lost soul is in here.

2. Just like the comics, Nebula steals the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos and restores the universe.

In the comics, after wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos lets his guard down and in a brief moment of relaxation, Nebula manages to secure the gauntlet for her own. She first uses it to restore herself completely to her natural state and then undoes the destruction with a mere thought. 


But the MCU has never really taken anything literally from the comics. Although, Thanos does keep his word and retire after completing his quest. And Nebula is still alive.

3. Captain Marvel wields the Infinity Stones and saves the day. 

If you aren’t a nerd and have only watched the films, you need to know the origins of Captain Marvel to understand this.

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So, Vormir, the planet where the Red Skull was guarding the Soul Stone, is a part of the Kree system. Remember this guy, Ronan the Accuser?

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So Captain Marvel sort of possesses the same DNA, thanks to Mar-Vell.  So it’s a possible theory that she might be strong enough to be able to wield the Infinity Stones. Although, it will be way more complicated than this.

4. Tony Stark uses B.A.R.F to revisit the past to gain information about defeating Thanos.

Remember Captain America: Civil War, where Tony Stark uses this tech to revisit moments in his past for therapeutic purposes?


Well, some of the leaked scenes from the sets of the film suggests that we could be seeing the battle of New York unfold again. 

So our remaining heroes (the original Avengers line up) might be going through moments like these to know and understand Thanos better. Which is a plausible theory since we see a much older Tony Stark. This leads us to the next theory.

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FYI, the B.A.R.F theory originally came from one of the leaked footages from the set. Knowing Marvel, they could have just said that to fuck with us. So let’s hold our horses for now.


5. The Avengers time travel to the past to collect the stones themselves.

The leaked footage from the sets shows the Battle of New York. So the Avengers (or what’s left of them) might have found a way to time jump and correct things along the way in order to defeat the Mad Titan when he arrives. 

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We don’t exactly know how they will do that, but it’s quite possible that they use the Quantum Realm, which allows you to bend time. Or maybe Captain Marvel has found a way to do so.


During the battle, both the Space Stone and the Mind Stone were at play. So maybe our heroes will start collecting the stones before Thanos does.


So here we are. With nothing but our wit and our will. And a bunch of theories. Will any of them prove to be true?

Only time will tell.