11 years ago on the 1st of May in 2008, Iron Man released, starting a glorious era of superhero movies and creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 


And since Endgame ended Tony Stark’s journey, it was only right that Robert Downey Jr. posted a video of the Avengers cast singing Happy birthday!

You can see the excitement on everybody’s faces, like children at a birthday party!

So, the video looks like it has been shot on the sets of Endgame which was shot last year. So we don’t know who they were actually singing it for. 

But no matter the person, Chris Hemsworth seems really into it. I mean, he’s clearly having a party. 

Even Thanos in the back seems pretty happy about it. 

The Verge

By the end of it, even Chris Pratt joins in on the fancy dancing. 

Watch it here:

Anyway, happy birthday Iron Man and thank you for everything.