One half of the Avengers: Endgame directors, Joe Russo was recently in India to promote the film and meet the MCU fans in India.

The Hindu

And that got us really excited, right? I mean, he’s only directing the biggest superhero phenomena of our generation! So naturally, we were hoping that he would shed some light on the upcoming movie. 

MCU cosmic

With all these trailers keeping us confused and in the dark, we were hoping Joe would provide us with some answers. But no, he just wanted to enjoy Indian food. 


While he was here, he made it his purpose to eat pani puri and not tell us anything about the film. 

Times of India

Look at that face. He’s so happy in our misery. 

Times of India

I mean, God, dude. Tell us something! Anything.

The quint

Naah. You eat your pani puri. But then again, pani puris can have a silencing effect on even the best of us! We’ll just have to wait till 26th April, I guess