Marvel dropped another teaser for Avengers: Endgame at the Superbowl yesterday. Although it was not the long trailer everyone wanted, the 30-second teaser gave us a good glimpse into the things to come. 

1. The teaser begins with shots of the dead Avengers.

The teaser begins with the haunting images of all the heroes that fell to Thanos; Spider-Man, The Wasp, Nick Fury and Black Panther among others. 


This serves as a reminder of all that Thanos took from us. 

2. Every place on Earth looks like a dystopian wasteland. 

Even New York looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland with nobody around. At the end of Infinity War, we were given a more personal account of what Thanos had done. 


But looking at it now on a mass scale is just horrifying. 

3. Steve Rogers is going through PTSD and is taking the help of a support group. 

After the snap, people in the MCU watched their loved ones turning to dust. So it is quite obvious that none of them has any idea what really happened. 


It looks like some of the survivor communities have set up support groups. The format is familiar. You’ve seen it multiple times in war movies and shows involving soldiers talking about their experiences and fear. 


Not so surprisingly, Steve Rogers has found himself one such support group, which could possibly mean that Infinity War has finally broken him and he has abandoned his superhero identity. 

4. Tony Stark might be stranded, but he is not alone. 

Endgame‘s first trailer showed us that Stark was in a spaceship with no food and water and more importantly, no oxygen. 


This teaser takes us back to the Guardians’ ship and in an ode to the first Iron Man movie, we get a look at Tony and Nebula working on fixing something and finding a way out of there.  

5. Something big is coming down at the Avengers Headquarters. 

Four of the main Avengers stand outside the Avengers compound in this scene and look up at the sky. We’re not shown what exactly they are looking at but judging from their faces, they aren’t much aware either.


It could be Tony and Nebula’s ship descending from space for all we know. 

6. Knowing Marvel they have probably edited someone out from the above scene.

See the unusual gaps between the Avengers? Yeah well, Marvel has a history of misleading us with the trailers. Remember the running shot from Infinity War trailer with the Hulk?


7. We finally get to see Rocket.

Rocket Raccoon is the only surviving member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. It looks like he is in his comic book-accurate red and blue suit entering a cabin. 


Although it is unclear where on Earth he is, it seems like he is on a beach somewhere. 

8. Black Widow is sporting a ponytail and getting some serious target practice. 

Although Romanoff is a skilled combatant, we have never seen her train in the movies. And while she hits the bullseye every time, there is a certain sense of unrest in the way she tests her skills. 


9. Thor has Stormbreaker and might be tracking Thanos. 

We get a glimpse of the God Thunder with the Stormbreaker in disguise. While the setting is inconclusive, it looks like Thor is going after Thanos himself. 


Or judging from the wreckage behind him, he might be looking for the last surviving Asgardians.

10. Captain America gets his shield back.

Steve Rogers had given up the shield and his Captain America identity after the events of Civil War. But it seems he is willing to take on the mantle again for the sake of the universe.


If you watch it closely, you’ll realise that he has shaky hands as he ties the shield to his hand. The PTSD is strong with this one, it seems. 

11. “Some people move on… But not us.”

The only dialogue in the entire teaser is this line from Steve Rogers. Which implies that he hasn’t moved on.


Neither have the rest of our heroes and they plan on doing everything they can to reverse what Thanos did. 

I still have goosebumps after watching this. April can’t come sooner.