The Russo Brothers are preparing to bring Avengers: Endgame to our screens in less than a month. And obviously, Marvel has been teasing us with little bits of information.

Itna tease toh Modi ji apney announcement ke pehle bhi nahi kartey hai.

First, they dropped a trailer and broke our nimble souls. 

A part of us snapped as we saw Tony drifting in space and low on snacc.


Then they dropped yet another trailer out of the blue and made us sramble to find all the little and hidden details.

By this time our minds were beginning to make sense of things.


We also got a look at the character posters which confirmed the Avengers that survived and the ones that didn’t.

After months of gross speculation, it was confirmed that Shuri died in the snap-pening and Valkyrie luckily survived.

News Week

But wait, aren’t we forgetting someone? 

Someone with a rough exterior but butterflies filled inside? 


Someone who should be part of the revolution against Thanos?


Is he making sure to print enough pamphlets this time around?

For the sake of maintaining the hilarity of the entire episode, let’s assume that he found his way to Earth.

Considering that half of all humanity has been wiped out, it could be that Xerox shop owners could have been wiped out from existence too.

And since he doesn’t know how to operate a human machines, it could be that he’s fumbling with those tiny buttons trying to print the pamphlets. He wants to make sure that he gets it right this time around.

Hoenstly, the Earth’s mightiest heroes aren’t emotionally strong enough to head the revolution.

Captain America is not mentally prepared.

The Mary Sue

Seeing his brother die, Thor’s knees are weak and arms are heavy.

Iron Man is also done with life, literally. And he also has run out of food. Not to forget that low food = more gas. And the ship doesn’t appear to have an escape vent for air. So, more mental torture.

Honestly, they’d be perfect for TikTok. Get your head in the game guys.

Right now, all we need is a strong leader like Korg who is actually doing something to make the revolution a success.

Let’s not forget that he stood unshaken during the aftermath of a failed Kronan rebellion.

I tried to start a revolution, but didn’t print enough pamphlets so hardly anyone turned up. Except for my mum and her boyfriend, who I hate.

-Korg, the Kronan Warrior


Pamphlets are essential for any revolution. How did the Protestant Church breakaway from the Roman Catholic Church? That’s right, via a pamphlet.

Alright Russo, if you’re done with your pani-puri, consider making time to address his absence from every Endgame promo material ‘cuz without him, the Avengers do not stand a chance.