I am yet to watch one of the most hyped movies of the week, no, wait, month. No, actually, year. Wait, that’s not right. They’ve been anticipating this one for 10 years now. 

Point is, I haven’t watched the most awaited movie of the Marvel Cinematic (not Comic) Universe. And I’m already paying the price. What with Twitter users legit losing their shit over the movie ending. 

Word to the not-so-wise: If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re going to hate this, in all probability. 

I’ll try to keep it as ambiguous as I can. 

We good so far?

Trying to stay calm… 

Totally not overreacting right now… 

But, then, you see this: 

I’m biting my nails right now. 

Just in case you needed proof, here goes…

This is not good for my mental health. 

Well, thanks for reiterating my FOMO!

For once in my life, I really wish I were living under a rock right now. 

We do not need this kind of pressure. Abort mission NOW! Or at least till I go watch the damn thing!