After a long wait and months of anticipation, Marvel has finally released the second trailer for the Avengers: Infinity Wars

If the trailer was any indication, everything we knew about the films is going to shit. 

We finally get to have a hint of what Thanos’ actual plan is. According to Gamora, ever since she knew him, all he wanted was to kill half the creatures in all of the universe, thus creating a balance in it.

The trailer is more or less similar to its predecessor. But the attack of the Black Order on Wakanda only goes on to solidify the rumours that the Soul Stone is still in the African nation.

Meanwhile, the Hulkbuster suit gets busted by the Black Order. Vision is still alive. So Yaay, there. We, however, see Thanos in, what appeared to be a weirdly unmatched fistfight with Captain America. So Captain fans, we hope he makes it. 

All we need to do now is not lose our shit and wait until April 27th. But who are we kidding? Of course, we are gonna lose our shit.