I was going to watch Laila Majnu in the theater. It was supposed to be a date. The date got cancelled.

Which didn’t seem like a big deal back then but when I finally got to see the movie, I realised I should have gone for it, even if alone. For the music, for the acting, for Majnu. 

The fans of the movie, which became an eventual success, know exactly who and what I am talkign about.


Avinash Tiwary. Who shines in every scene he is a part of, sometimes like a diamond, sometimes like a firefly. He is fluttery, until he decides to be still, and when he is still, you can’t move either.

This brings me to the point I am supposed to make: We need to see more of him. 

There are very few actors who’d dare to take on a character as iconic as Majnu and even fewer, I think, who can do complete justice to it. But Avinash did it with enviable ease, he never looked out of place; which is fascinating because Majnu was.


After that, he appeared in Ghost Stories as a rich businessman, Dhruv. Without giving away too much about the plot, let me just say that there wasn’t much for him to do there, but he did justice to the role and was the saving grace of an otherwise highly mediocre segment by Karan Johar.

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This was in 2020, the year which also saw the release of Bulbbul. While Tripti Dimri, his co-star from Laila Majnu, was the star of the movie, Avinash, in his role as Satya was earnest. 

Playing a Bengali babu from 1880s, he just eases into the character. Flirtatious and envious, he walks on the tightrope of morality, leaning on either side but not losing balance in a way that he falls. 

Avinash does justice to his character’s name, Satya, brings beautiful honesty to it.

And with that, we come to his latest work in The Girl on the Train. In a movie that leaves much to be desired, Avinash comes in and saves it from completely falling apart.

I would be wary of discussing his role, lest I give away spoilers, but I was happy to see him get the importance and the character-arch he deserves.

His scenes were the ones I was looking forward to the most, as they were sort of a respite from the plot-treatment that can be exhaustive. 

Now, as someone who has seen most of his work, I can safely say he deserves more. We have covered how talented he is, but also, like look at him.

Do we not want to see that smile as often as we can?

And this charm?

Also, did I mention he looks the cutest when he dances?

Anyway, that’s that about everything. So, please cast him more films, Bollywood. Aap convince ho gaye ya main aur bolun?