“There’s a time and place for everything. And it’s called college.” – Chef, South Park

And while the bright young minds of our country busy themselves with doing “everything,” they need to keep their energy up and their spirits high. Helping them in this noble endeavour are these cheap, tasty and easily available delicacies, which no college student in India can live without.

Just Outside The College

1. Momos

2. Paranthas

3. Kathi Rolls

4. Choley Bhature

5. Dosa

In The Canteen

6. Fried Rice

7. Chowmein

8. Rajma Chawal

9. Canteen Ki Thali

When You’re Broke

10. Maggi

11. Chai – Biscuit

12. Anda Bread

13. Dost Ka Tiffin

When You Have To Throw A Party

14. Tandoori Chicken

15. Biryani

16. McDonalds

17. And to wash it all down, this


Or This