Ayesha Takia Azmi, the actor everyone remembers from her girl-next-door roles in Socha Na Tha and Wanted, has become latest target of hate on social media. 

Why? Because she chose to do what she wanted with her face. And her definition of beauty didn’t match that of the internet. 

It is no secret that the actor has allegedly gone under the knife. But the question comes down to – why is it anybody else’s problem. Nobody deserves to be tormented on social media because of personal choices they make. 

We’re so obsessed with ‘natural beauty’ but cringe at the sight of acne. If a woman wants to don a red lipstick – hell yeah! If she wants to go natural then, good for her. And if she wants to go under the knife – it is her choice. Stop with the, “you are not like other girls” and “we like you with this, with that.” 

That’s the real problem people seem to have with Ayesha. That she ‘looks’ like she had work done. And not the fact that she had work done. She should have just hidden it and pretended she ‘woke up like this’. Because let’s be honest, she was beautiful then, she is beautiful now – and it is nobody’s business. 

Post her recent string of selfies, and the comments they received, the actor seems to have taken a break from social media.