Time and again Ayushmann Khurana has proved that he is not just an actor but is a lover of art. He might have proved from his latest releases that there is literally no role he cannot do justice to, but has also proved that on the personal end he loves poetry as well. 

Recently he performed spoken word poetry where he made all of us understand the difference between a ‘gentleman’ and how society sees them and might we say, it sure gets real.  

He starts by telling us what kind of stereotypes men go through on regular basis. 

But then again, he really didn’t want to be confined to these societal portrayals of how a man should be.   

Whether it’s the ads on television to his own parents, a man is repeatedly asked only to do what he has to do to protect a family’s honour.  

He continues and tells all of us that it is fine for a man to just be. To be scared and to not follow what the society asks him to do. 

And no matter what gender you are, to differ between a ladka and a ladki will never be right. 

This entire poetry on what a gentleman should be like truly was beautiful. You can watch it here.