Baahubali 2 is set to hit the theaters next year and we’re all still trying to figure out the real reason behind the assassination of Baahubali. Why would Katappa do it? This discussion has taken place everywhere- from drawing rooms to the office water coolers. 

The internet is full of theories because after all, Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyu maara?

1. Bhallaldeva tricks the Queen into ordering Katappa to kill Baahubali

A Quora member named Sushant Dahal has an interesting take on this. 

“Amarendra Bahubali and Bhallaldeva both fall in love with same girl –  Devsena. But Devsena chooses Amarendra Baahubali as she falls for his kind nature; loosing the girl made Bhallaldeva frustated and hence, Bhallaldeva with the support of his father, plots conspiracy against Baahubali, and manages to convince the queen Sivagami and she orders Katappa to kill Baahubali. Even though Katappa likes him, he has to follow his queen’s order, and so, he kills Baahubali. He regrets this all his life and waiting for a chance to correct his mistake.

After queen orders Katappa to kill Amarendra Baahubali, she realises the true intention of Bhalladeva; only to be late enough that Amarendra Baahubali is killed and Bhallaldeva trying to overtake the throne and kill the child too.”

2. Bhallaldeva and his father blackmailed Sivagami into killing Baahubali so that Bhalladev becomes the King

Bhallaldeva and his father would have blackmailed Sivagami by putting any intense conditions that would be very hard to deny and compelled and told her that Bhallal should be the king and not Baahubali.

As she already had committed that Baahubali will be the King, there wouldn’t be any other way to remove him from the throne other than by getting him killed.

Sivagami, unwantedly would have asked Kattappa to do the same. Kattappa, being the most loyal had followed the order by the mistress and killed 

b’Source- Facebook/Baahubali The Movie’

3. Sivagami was hurt because Anushka belonged to the lower caste. Raana and Nazar manipulated her as well.

Anushka is the daughter of Kattappa who is a loyal servant to Mahishmathi kingdom. We can see Amarendra Baahubali referring to Kattappa as Mama in one of the scenes. Both the brothers fall in love with her but Baahubali is chosen over Raana. Sivagami doesn’t approve of this love with a girl from the lower caste and warns Kattappa about consequences. Baahubali goes on to marry Anushka even after facing objections from Sivagami.  Sivagami does not approve of this marriage and decides to crown Rana as the King. She is then manipulated by Raana and other gorilla groups to kill Baahubali because that is the only way they could win a war against the Kingdom. Kattappa, who is a loyal servant to the dynasty, obeys the order and kills Baahubali. 

b’Source- The Wire’

4. Sivagami had nothing to do with this. Bhalladeva got him killed because of jealousy.

Bhalladeva would be made the king after the approval of the queen mother, Sivagami, due to a trail of events which could be -Bhalladeva rebelling against the decision of the queen to make Baahubali the king since it was Bhalladeva who killed the Kalkeya king and he could ask for a “Trial by combat” resulting in the winner becoming the king. Bhalladeva happens to win the trail and is made king of the Mahishmati kingdom. The mistake that Sivagami mentions in the beginning could be the mistake of making Bhalladeva the king or even agreeing to conduct a trail by combat. Later on he would get Amarendra Baahubali killed by Kattappa.

b’Source- The Wire’

5. Katappa didn’t kill Baahubali. Someone else did but Katappa took the blame to shield someone.

Considering that the writers of Baahubali have done a phenomenal job in the first part, it is extremely likely that they have a huge twist coming our way in the sequel. If Katappa didn’t kill Baahubali, it would throw all the theories out of the window and give us a new perspective into the entire plot. This fresh take on the sequel will definitely be a revelation to remember for the Indian audiences.

It’s so refreshing to see so many fans come together to figure out a twist in an Indian movie. Baahubali intrigued us with the amazing visuals, actin and story but the twist keeps us thinking about the sequel. We’ll finally find out the truth on April 14th.