It’s not very often that we see actors who are not only good at their craft but also treat people with kindness, acknowledge their privilege, and speak with humility. And Babil Khan is one of those rare embodiments; he’s a man written by a woman.  

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We’ve often seen and previously also spoken about how sweetly he treats his fans, interacts with paps, and gives his interviews, but what’s probably our most favourite aspect about him is his wholesome bond with his mother, film writer Sutapa Sikdar. He often posts her on social media and calls himself a Mamma’s boy, and he’s truly one.

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Here are some mother-son moments that are just too adorable.

1. Sutapa Sikdar loves watching intense Pakistani serials and they’re now his son’s guilty pleasure

When asked about his guilty pleasure, Babil Khan excitedly asks his mother in the middle of an interview about the name of that intense Pakistani serial she watches that he also loves watching.

2. Mother and son celebrating son’s homecoming from a trekking trip

After Babil returns from a trekking trip, his mom celebrates his homecoming by prompting him to dance, and Babil — reluctantly and adorably — gives in.

3. There’s nothing as heartwarming as mother and son cutely posing together

4. “Mumma, main bada ho gaya hoon!

It’s a windy day when his mom asks him if he wants an ice cream, and he reminds her it’s cold. She says she’ll pay, and he bursts laughing, saying “main bada ho gaya hoon“.

5. Something we don’t see very often but we’d really love to: a son bonding with his mother on her skincare routine

6. Babil Khan is actually a “universal Mamma’s boy”

7. Babil asks for his mom’s opinion on varying mental crisis in different generations

Babil asks his mom about her thoughts on the difference in ‘mental crisis’ between his grandparents’, his mom’s and his generation, and she delivers a thought-provoking explanation:

8. A snap from a mother-son vacation

9. Nothing just a mom fixing his son’s shirt before a shoot and the son adorably nods after spotting the camera

Babil Khan has this sort of rare energy where you just see and hear him talking and you smile, no matter what. He’s like wholesomeness personified. He’s most definitely my favourite!