Over the years, we’ve seen some truly iconic action heroes portrayed by women on the big screen. They’ve fired guns, swung bats, and busted heads with elan, so let’s celebrate them, shall we?

1. Meera from NH10

While the film itself is more of a thriller, Anushka Sharma’s bloody spree of vengeance against her husband’s killers was total action through and through. She goes on a glorious rampage, eliminating an entire gang using a rod, a Scorpio, and of course, her deadly wits.

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2. Akira Sharma from Akira

Sonakshi Sinha portrayed a battle-hardened young woman who’s had to go through a terrible fate in this 2016 film. Fighting lessons and a stint in jail turn her into a person you don’t want to mess with, as several men in this film learn after fighting her.


3. Sehmat Khan from Raazi

Alia Bhatt’s role as an undercover agent in this spy thriller received critical acclaim. She truly kicked ass, both literally and figuratively.

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4. Shivani Shivaji Roy from Mardaani 1 and 2

Rani Mukerji’s portrayal of a dedicated Senior Inspector in the Mumbai Police was lauded for its authenticity and fierceness. Just give her a gun and watch the bad guys run away with their tails between their legs.


5. Abha Mathur from Jai Gangaajal

Priyanka Chopra brought out the big guns for this film – literally. She plays an honest cop waging war against a criminal nexus that consists of dirty politicians, dirty cops, and dirty money.


6. Shabana Khan from Baby and Naam Shabana

Taapsee Pannu played the role of an undercover agent in these spy thrillers, and she killed it. Akshay Kumar may have been the lead, but it was Taapsee Pannu knocking Wasim out cold that was the real showstopper. That’s why they made a prequel!


7. Vidya Bagchi from Kahaani

The climax of this film caught us all by surprise, not just because of the whole fake baby thing, but also because Vidya basically turns out to be an absolute badass who can kill someone with nothing more than a hairpin. 

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8. Malvika Chauhan from Samay: When Time Strikes

Sushmita Sen played the part of ACP Malvika Chauhan to perfection, taking down serial killers and emptying bullet chambers with ease. 


Bollywood needs to female action heroes!