Mid-00s was a phenomenal time for a 90s kid who had hit their prime puberty stage.

We were introduced to a whole new world of new technology, new gadgets, new lingos and well… Jonas Brothers!

Watching 3 good looking guys singing songs about love when you’re 15 was a sure shot way into any teen’s heart. 

I remember being introduced to them with their song Year 3000 from their debut album It’s About Time. I was smitten. Even though it took an hour to download a song with a slow-ass internet in those times, I used to patiently download them all.   

And may I add that it was totally worth it. 


But obviously, I was not the only one crazy about this trio. Teenage girls all around the world were as smitten with their music as I was and they became one of the most popular boy bands of all times.  

They came out with their self-titled second album in 2007 and honestly, they were a bigger rage than before. Songs like S.O.S. and When You Look Me In The Eye were topping the charts worldwide and that was just the tip of the iceberg. 


Does anyone remember when they guest appeared in Hannah Montana? How bloody awesome was that episode?  

But any Jonas Brothers fan would agree that these three peaked in 2008.   

They came out with their third album A Little Bit Longer and also starred in the popular Disney Movie Camp Rock.   

I mean, that was literally the time when everyone had Burnin’ Up, Lovebug in their playlist and wanted Shane Gray as their boyfriend for life. I know I did.


But, while they were at the peak of their popularity, they shattered millions of hearts all over the world by breaking up as a band.     

They are brothers! Every fan wanted to know how in the hell they could break up.

Life went on and we started getting used to not having the band’s presence in our lives, we never really got over them.

Sure, they all went ahead with their solo careers and it did seem good, but it was nothing compared to all of them together and they finally realized that when they made a comeback with Happiness Begins after their long hiatus. 

They started the year with a bang that was Sucker and it got better and better. 

While the brothers were teen idols in their prime year, they realized that their music needed to mature with age. Sure, they were living pretty awesome lives as adults too. 

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But when they brought their SO in two of their hit songs, it was like nothing else fans have seen before.

Every new song they drop, every new music video they release, it takes me back to the same wonderful feeling I had when I was a teen. 

Our journey with the Jonas Brothers has been a roller-coaster ride. Like us, they and their music both grew up and we are nothing but thankful for it.