While Bappi Lahiri’s songs suggested that love is above gold and silver, his real self is quite the contradiction. From what we have seen throughout our lives, Bappi Da and gold, have had quite a strong bond. So much so, that he is the one true representation of bling in India’s pop culture. 

Sona nahi, chandi nahi, pyar to mila… arrey pyar karle.

In fact, it might sound like an exaggeration, but many of us got introduced to the concept of gold from the man himself. I am being serious right now! 

And, have we all not wondered what Bappi Da would look like without those heavy gold chains and rings? I mean it’s not too much of a transformation, but wouldn’t that throw him off his element? To our surprise, the unfathomable has actually happened. This video has surfaced on the Internet where a rather worried Bappi Lahiri is heard murmuring,”Sona kahan hai?”

Now, my pun-loving-self could comprehend that Bappi Da is just contemplating that he is not sure where he wants to sleep (the house looks big). But noticing that the rather cheerful Bappi Da seems quite sad, I think it has something to do with his gold. When asked about the gold’s whereabouts, here’s what he said.

So, where did the gold go?

Was it a jealous relative or a friend who wanted to feel the #PowerOfGold? Was it a fan who took his obsession about Bappi Da, a bit too far? Did aliens show up and rob him of his possessions? Has he found the worth of gold in something else rather than jewelry? Or, is he just trying to break character and go a little lighter on his accessories?

Well, right now, all we know is that Bappi Da is concerned about his gold and we are too, in a way. To kya sona kahan hai, yeh pata chal paayega? Kya iss sone ke chor ko koi pakad paayega? Jaanney ke liye bane rahiye hamare sath!

Meanwhile, gonna listen to ‘Yaad aa raha hai tera pyaar’ and legit miss my ex.