Sponsored by Smartron

Couple of days ago, a video surfaced on the Internet where we saw Bappi Da losing his mind over his missing gold and quite frankly, I was concerned. I mean, had it been just the missing gold, I’d not care too much. But, since we’re talking about the iconic Bappi Lahiri’s bling that has ruled our hearts for years – it’s in my interests. We got to the bottom of this to find out what went wrong, and we may have found out the reason.  

Turns out, it was a small prank by Bappi Da in partnership with Smartron to launch their latest smartphone, the tphone P Gold Edition. Looks like April’s fool has stuck around for a little longer. But the Smartron folks weren’t kidding about the gold part, the tphone P Gold Edition comes with a premium metal body covered with nothing but gold – and Bappi Da digs it. So much so, that it’d safe to say he’s a gold digger (pun intended). The phone also packs a mammoth 5000 mAh battery, premium metal body, a jaw-dropping 13 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera.

Here’s the fun video of Bappi Da rocking a different kind of gold without wearing any of his own, probably for the first time:

If you want a taste of Bappi Da’s choice of bling, then wait for 24th April, midnight as that’s when the phone goes on sale exclusively on Flipkart (costs only 7,999 bucks, whut?!).

Now, the question is, will Bappi Da ever go back to being his usual self or is he going to keep diggin’ this newfound #PowerOfGold?