If we’re shooting for serious man goals then let’s aim for the beard. Thanks to the wondrous place that the Internet is, we know all about a well-groomed Hipster Beard and a Ducktail, the Chin Curtain and a rowdy Stonewall Jackson. We clearly are spoilt for choice.

Beards happen to have magical properties – stroking a beard effortlessly makes way for great ideas, pubescent boys evolve into sexy beasts, and automatically acquire an aura of intellect (word to the wise: look out for these, it might be a ruse). You may be as charming as a teaspoon beneath that impeccable facial hair, but you could make women swoon for that mystery it inevitably spells. So ladies, girdle your loins, and boys prepare to take cue. Let’s begin with the oldies but the goldies, shall we?

1. Jason Momoa

Who’s he, you ask? But every self-respecting GOT fan knows Khal Drogo. Oh you sexy, wicked warrior, you have my consent.


2. Ryan Gosling

He is the most delicious entrée, main and dessert. All rolled into one.


3. Jared Leto

The sweet combination of a man bun and a killer beard.


4. Akshay Kumar

While his films are your standard flops, they still rake in the big beard bucks.


5. Idris Elba

There are not enough words to do justice to the beauty of this man.


6. Jon Hamm

With his bushy beard, it is no surprise that Jon Hamm makes it to this list of mad-hot-men.


7. David Beckham

The Adonis of many a sexual awakening, this timeless beauty is a sight for the sore eyes.


8. Abhay Deol

Intelligent, humorous and a drop dead gorgeous beard to boot.


9. Arjun Kapoor

In the layered cake of this boy-turned-man, his beard is the delicious frosting.


10. Chris Hemsworth

God-man, did you say? This is what we’re talking about.


11. Fawad Khan

He stole the show with his royal debut in ‘Khoobsurat’ and all that sexy facial hair.


12. Shahid Kapoor

He’s married now. *WhyMiraWhy*


13. Jake Gyllenhall

Jake manages to tilt the balance every single time, with his uncanny ability to make a sack look sexy.


14. Tom Hardy

His British accent and that beard is a combination hand-crafted by the gods.


15. Farhan Akhtar

Backing up the talent quotient with that oh-so-sexy beard.


16. Ranveer Singh

Our favourite desi munda . His histrionics say no, no . But that beard says yes, oh baby, yes !


17. Oscar Isaac

This Guatemalan hunk is ‘Oh so delicious’!


18. George Clooney

Oh Clooney, you’ll always be our old man crush.


19. Ranbir Kapoor

The bad boy of Bollywood has the perfect thigh tickler.


20. Hrithik Roshan

He looks like a Greek God, no less.


21. Jude Law

He resuscitated Dr Watson in the most fashionably sexy way.


22. Shah Rukh Khan

You name it. King Khan has it all.


23. Adrian Brody

His acting skills and his beard will reduce you to tears.


24. Vidyut Jamwal

This martial arts artist knows how to kill in more ways than one.


25. Andrea Pirlo

Dubbed as ‘Il professore’, this Italian footballer is the silent killer.


26. Chris Evans

This Avenger was frozen under ice all this while. *whyohwhy*


27. Hugh Jackman

He MADE Wolverine. Period.


28. Christian Bale

That husky voice and that killer beard can make Joker cry out loud.


29. Gerard Butler

The guy who will buy you flowers and whisper sweet nothings in your ears.


30. Leonardo DiCaprio

Like fine wine, you just get better and better.


Have some tissues handy, ladies. For the tears, obviously.